currently serving 90,829 churches


An amazingly simple way to access 90,000+ churches of all denominations. Whether you are looking for a new church or want to stay connected and socialize with other members of your current church - this app is for you!


There are several ways you can search for your church. Search by the Church's name, city, or state or use GPS-locate to return all churches in a 25 mile radius.

Then select a church to verify it's the one you're looking for and add it to your managed list.


This is where you add, delete, and switch between multiple churches. The last church you "connect to" will be set as your default for future use.

*Note: To delete a church, simply swipe across the church and you will be provded the option to delete.


Connect to your church! Access events, service times, bulletins, podcasts, contact information, share on Facebook and Twitter, get location and directions, inquire into their denomination and more.

Truly a great way to stay connected - anywhere, anytime.